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ASPENOL is a new generation, Bioliminatable size & P.V.A. free, modified maize starch compound having low viscosity in nature. On looking to future maize starch for modern weaving, the product is developed as a single shot sizing product, which makes the product cost effective.

ASPENOL has been specially engineered to retain the advantages which nature imparted to starch, combined with special additives which gives excellent adhesion, lubricity, flexibility and abrasion resistance making it an ideal single shot compound for spun yarn sizing.

Special Features of ASPENOL:
Having lower viscosity, it has better wetting and penetration, property. Though it has lower viscosity, it retains solid concentration of size paste according to the theoretical calculation of solid conc%.

Being a Homogeneous compound, it can be used alone or can be blended unmodified or acid modified starch to reduce cost.
It possesses excellent film forming properties, excellent adhesion, lower dropping allows easy opening and improved lubricity.
It has stable viscosity and remains flowable at room temperature.
It has higher extension at break which reduces loss of elongation.

Light white colour powder
Solid Content
94 + - 2%
Easily soluble in hot water above 70 C
Chemical composition
Blend of additives with starches
The product can be cooked from 5% to 17% concentration depending on sizing requirement. The products can work by itself as a single product for sizing 100% polyester spun yarn, polyester cotton and polyester – rayon blends and 100 % cotton, for lower counts, [if cost is a consideration] and for slower speed looms, once can blend ASPENOL with locally available unmodified or acid modified starch in ratio 67/33 or 50/50 or 33/67 depending on quality and cost of size required.
Desizing of this compound is relatively easy. Standard enzyme technique should be followed for complete removal.
Add on % of this product should be decided by user taking in to consideration gain strength required maintained reasonable loss in elongation and surface protection required for controlling hairiness of the final yarn. The optimum % pick- up varies from mill to mill and from sort to sort depending on yarn quality and types and speed of the looms used.
Cook procedure:
Take desired amount of water with ASPENOL and other ingredients (if it is required)can be added in to cooking vessel, stir well for 10 minutes in cold stage and than start the cooking by injecting steam. This whole batch must be cooked for at least 30-45 minutes at 100 to 120 degree Celsius. If require antistatic agents can be added after cooking. Size box temperature must be maintained between 85 degree to 90 degree Celsius with indirect heating throughout sizing application. Concentration should be monitored by reflactometer for routine control along with viscosity cup for maintaining % concentration and viscosity at a given temperature however, this is a recommended methodology but depending upon prevailing conditions and requirements if can be altered.
Storage :
Do not store ASPENOL bags above 50 C or in direct sun.
Stable for 12 months if stored in shade at room temperature.
The information in this leaflet is given in good faith, but without warranty. We recommend that before using our products the customers should make their tests to determine the suitability of the products for their own purpose under their operating conditions. As the circumstances under which our products are stored, handled and use are beyond our control, we cannot assume any responsibility, for their use by the customer.
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